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Last year, VCU’s Department of Focused Inquiry ran its first ever study abroad program to the American College Greece in Athens. As part of President Rao’s initiative to provide opportunities for experiential education, Thad Fortney taught a section of UNIV 211 “Food for Thought” a course designed to introduce students to interdisciplinary studies. Students traveled throughout Greece investigating its culinary institutions and experiencing food culture first hand: the open air markets, spice shops, cafes, and of course, all the amazing dishes (and coffee!) Greece has to offer.


Focused Inquiry is headed back to Greece in 2018 to continue to build on the success of last year’s work. The program will continue its mission of being an inclusive study abroad opportunity as it is open to all students regardless of major. We will continue to offer students opportunities to engage in their academic work through hands-on experience and to understand the importance of interdisciplinary work. As it was last year, students will be encouraged to take additional courses at American College Greece so they can work with Greek students and also meet the necessary coursework for their degree at VCU. If you have further questions, please contact Thad Fortney at


Kayo’s testimonial

“I had an amazing study abroad experience in Greece. Beautiful country,friendly people, and delicious food. I strongly recommend students to come to Greece.  Also, I enjoyed talking Food for Thought class and Psychology of Language class. Especially Food for Thought class gave me chances to explore not only Greek food, but also comparing the differences between American and Greek culture and learning history of Greece. The class was wonderful that we had one field trip, two coffee talk, and one dinner party.”

Emma’s Testimonial

“I am so happy I came. Not only did I get a great educational experience through this class and through my Athens Art class, but I also made so many new friendships that I did not expect to make between VCU students, AIFS students, and Greek locals.”

Shirley’s Vlog

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