2017–2018 FI Contest Winners

UNIV 111/112: Narrative Essay

  • Yan Yun (1st) – “A Bird Shouldn’t Be Caged”
  • Myia Samuels (2nd) – “A Seat At The Table”


UNIV 111/112: Analysis/Synthesis

  • Chloe Gardner (1st) – “Ignorance as a Theme in the Works of Butler, Bechdel, DeGhett, and Dillard”
  • Nana Afia Twumasi-Ankrah (2nd) – “It’s a White Man’s World: Institutional Racism is Real”
  • Robert Wirt (Honorable Mention) – “The War on Drugs’ ‘Research’”


UNIV 111/112: Argument with Research

  • Theresa Castellucci (1st) – “Philanthropy Catastrophe: An Ethical Discussion of Philanthropy in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts”
  • Kelsy Boyle (2nd place) – “Ethical Reasoning in the Workplace”
  • Nana Afia Twumasi-Ankrah (Honorable Mention) – “Cultural and Creative Dilution as a Product of Globalization”


UNIV 200: Researched Argumentative Essay

  • Tyler Scheerschmidt (1st) – “The Living Dead: An Analysis of Digital Resurrection”
  • Madaline McCann (2nd) – “The Health of Nations: Nutritional Disparity of Low-Income American Families”
  • Erin Somerville, “Banning Sexual Orientation Change Efforts Targeting Minors”


UNIV 112: Multimodal Project

  • John Williams (1st) – “Degenerate”
  • Kamola Tolliboeva (2nd) – “Jesus Said to Buddha Give Mohammed a Call”
  • Hans Stahl, “The Issue of Ideological Diversity”


UNIV 200: Multimodal Project

  • Nicolette Hilke (1st) – “I Wanna YouTube”
  • Elizabeth Bunce (2nd) – “Attention Working Aged Men”
  • Catalina Currier, “Therapeutic Horticulture”


Focused Inquiry Textbook Cover Design

  • Mohammed Ullah (1st)
  • Nicole Cain (2nd)


“What Is Focused Inquriy?” Essay

  • Ruth Walston (1st)

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