2019-2020 Focused Inquiry Student Contest Winners

The Focused Inquiry Student Engagement Committee is delighted to present the first-, second-, and third-place winners of the 2019-2020 Student Contests. Congratulations to all of our contest winners!

In addition, we’d like to extend our sincere thanks to all of the participants in this year’s contests: your contributions helped to support and nurture our community of writers and composers within the Focused Inquiry Department.

The winning compositions have been published on the VCU Writes! website under the “Student Work” tab.

For more information about the FI Student Contests (and to make a submission for the 2020-2021 contests), please see our website.


FI Contest Winners (2019-2020 Contest)


Category 1: Narrative, Reflective, Expository, or Personal Writing (UNIV 111/112, usually unit 1)

Student Name Title Instructor
1st Place Felipe Joglar-Viera “First Day” Larry Williams
2nd Place Katie Thompson “Disfellowshipped” Troy Martin
3rd Place Zhila Pirnazar “I ‘S’ound Different” Lindsay Chudzik


Category 2: Analysis, Synthesis, or Research Writing (UNIV 111/112, usually unit 2)

Student Name Title Instructor
1st Place Maya Charlton “Opportunity Cost: The Challenges of Having a Working-Class Identity in Academia” Kim Zicafoose
2nd Place Eliana Espel “Dear Council” Allison Tharp
3rd Place Mikaela Peters “Self-Perception in an Oppressive Society” Kim Zicafoose


Category 3: Researched Argument (UNIV 111/112)

Student Name Title Instructor
1st Place Arden Gentry “The Invisible Woman: Motherhood in America’s Prisons” Michael McIntyre
2nd Place Maya Charlton “Facebook and the Violation of Privacy Rights” Kim Zicafoose
3rd Place Cabell Willoughby Jones “We Need Our Space: The Ethics of Space Warfare” Kim Zicafoose


Category 4: Multimodal Project (UNIV 111/112)

Student Name Title Instructor
1st Place Moira Snyder “Trust and Corruption” Elizabeth Kreydatus
2nd Place Andrea Chavez “Unseen” Elizabeth Kreydatus
3rd Place Julie Lam “My Grandparents” James Fueglein


Category 5: Researched Argument (UNIV 200)

Student Name Title Instructor
1st Place Chaewon Lee “David and Goliath, Or Are They?:  An Evaluation of Artist and Market Tendencies in 1960s America” Christopher Jackson
2nd Place Madeleine Dugan “A Cock in the System: How The Feminist Art Movement Revolutionized the Art World” Jessica Gordon
3rd Place Melissa Hardwick “Gender Inequality in a Single Bound: How Comic Books Shape Negative Male Perception of Women” Vicki Pallo


Category 6: Multimodal Project or Transmediation (UNIV 200)

Student Name Title Instructor
1st Place Gracie Tecala “New Families Can Live Tiny” Matthew Vechinski
2nd Place Haseb Alim “Reading Matters” Jennifer Selman Flanagan
3rd Place Leonie Brightly “Healing Hospital Interiors” Vicki Pallo


Textbook Cover Art Contest:

Name Title
1st Place Trey Shiflett “Space and Place”

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