Nikki Fernandes, Instructor

Photo of Nikki FernandesNikki Fernandes joined the department of Focused Inquiry in the fall of 2017. Prior to joining FI, she earned her MA in English literature while teaching reading comprehension and composition in various capacities along the way. Her research interests include 19th-century transatlantic periodical culture, Virginia history, and human development with an emphasis in spirituality. Within her classrooms, she focuses on cultivating collaborative learning communities in which self-efficacy can be developed alongside core curriculum skills.

Outside of the classroom, Nikki guides groups on historical tours of the city on bike and bus through Richmond Rides. Her tours insist on engaging riders in varied historical narratives as they consider dynamics of personal agency and systemic injustice. Nikki is also a volunteer faculty member for Richmond Hill’s Koinonia School of Race of Justice where she leads walks through the guidance of the Slave Trail Commission.

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