Meet Your FILL Peer Mentors

FILL Peer Mentors are VCU students who have successfully completed UNIV 111, 112, and 200. We are here to support you in reaching your full potential in those courses. We can help with class presentations, MLA/APA citations, how to talk to your professor, and information about other VCU resources. If you have a question and don't know who to ask, ask us! If we can't answer it, we'll work to connect you with someone who can.

Photo of Jenny ZarakpegeHi! My name is Jenny Zarakpege. I am a sophomore majoring in accounting with a minor in African American studies. I've completed UNIV 111 & 112. I am currently enrolled in UNIV 200. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know! I'll be happy to help with your UNIV courses!

Photo of Kenny TravisHey everyone! My name is Kenny. I’m a sophomore majoring in music education. I’ve completed all sections of Focused Inquiry within my freshman year, and I’m always around for those who may need help with their classes. I’m one of the hosts for the FILL podcast, and if you have any questions about anything at all, feel free to ask me anytime!

Hey, I’m Olivia! I’m a Junior double majoring in Psychology and Social Work. I’ve completed Focused Inquiry classes through UNIV 200, and have previously been a TA for a service learning section of UNIV 200. I’m also an editor for the weekly reFILL. If you need any help on Focused Inquiry projects, be sure to get in contact with me or one of the other peer mentors!

Photo of Joy IngramHi, I'm Joy! I am currently a senior in Communication Arts and enjoy arts and reading. I have completed UNIV 111, 112, and 200 classes. Whether your classes are online or in person, I am here to help you complete assignments to the best of your ability. Feel free to email if you need help with finding resources for your UNIV classes, as well as additional study tips and practices! 

Q Hildebrand

Hello! My name is Quannese Hildebrand but you may call me Q. I am a freshman studying Business Management, concentrating in Human Resources. I have completed UNIV 111, 112, and I am currently enrolled in UNIV 200. If you need help with your UNIV class whether it’s time management or a presentation, I’m your girl! 

Hey, there! My name is Janelle Chanchu. I am a junior majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. I have finished UNIV 111, 112, and 200, and I am also a TA for a UNIV 112 Service Learning section. If you need any help with your UNIV classes, don’t be afraid to reach out to me or the other peer mentors! Best of luck in your classes :) 

Photo of Andrea Avendano-Jurado holding a yellow paper heartGruetzi! My name is Andrea and I am currently a junior majoring in Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Science with a concentration in Health Science. I love all things Switzerland and am currently learning German, so I can get all the help that I can get! I have taken up to UNIV 200 and I am ready to help with your final papers, presentations, and providing resources to better your experience at VCU. This is a judgment-free space, so come to the FILL Learning Lounge during our mentoring hours if you’d like assistance in any of your UNIV 111, 112, or 200 classes, or just need someone to talk to.  Tschüss!


Photo of Katelyn HarlowHey, everyone! I'm Katelyn Harlow and I'm a sophomore majoring in English. I've completed UNIV 111, 112, and 200. If you have any questions about any of your UNIV courses, or if you're looking for additional resources or support, feel free to contact me! :-)

Photo of Aleena MilburnHey guys! My name is Aleena Milburn, and I am currently a freshman hoping to get into the VCU nursing program as a current pre-nursing major. I enjoy reading and writing in my free time, and I have completed UNIV 112 with intentions to complete UNIV 200 next semester. As a peer mentor, I’m here to help you as a student who has been through the same classes as you. I encourage you to sign up for an appointment with one of the FILL peer mentors (I’d love to meet you!) or attend our drop-in hours.  My drop-in hours go as late as 1:00 am sometimes, please don’t feel discouraged if you’re up late working on a presentation or an essay and have some questions. Remember, we’re all in this together!


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