Thaddeus Fortney, Assistant Professor

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1015 Floyd Avenue
Richmond, VA 23284
Box 842015

Thad Fortney joined the Department of Focused Inquiry in 2010. After a long stint living and studying 180 miles south of the Arctic Circle with random sojourns to Siberia, he took on new research interests in comic books, data analytics and narrative, and gaming in the classroom. In addition to this, he serves as a coordinator for the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Program and hopes to bring more peer-to-peer education to the institution at large. Occasionally, he returns to his academic roots of Russian language and literature, but he has recently been focusing more on the theory and practice of second language acquisition, particularly with an effort to offer support to English Language Practitioners at VCU.


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Harris Hall, 5th Floor
1015 Floyd Avenue
Box 842015
Richmond, Virginia 23284-2015

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