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Jessica Gordon has taught at Virginia Commonwealth University for over fifteen years. During her first seven years at VCU, she taught a range of courses in the English Department, from Freshmen Composition to Advanced Composition to American Literature. Throughout the last eight years, Gordon has taught first-and second-year courses in writing and research in the Department of Focused Inquiry, as well as an occasional course, such as ENG 491: Multimodal Writing, in the Department of English. She holds a B.A. in English and Psychology, an M.A. in English Literature, and a Ph.D in an interdisciplinary program called Media, Art, Text (MATX).

Gordon’s research focuses on connections between composition theory and multimodal writing, digital rhetoric, and how learning occurs in online environments. Her dissertation presents an alternative history of multimodal composition; she argues that while most scholars believe that multimodal writing emerged with the rise of the digital, a closer looks reveals that the writing process has always been grounded in imagery. She is interested in studying the role of alphabetic text in students’ production of multimodal compositions. She also owns a company that books and produces concerts in central and eastern VA. She hopes to connect her interest in music with her academic scholarship in the future.

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