Classes and Registration

UNIV 111, 112, and 200

UNIV 111, 112, and 200 are the foundational courses in VCU’s core curriculum. 111 and 112 are usually taught as a two-semester seminar where students are able to remain with their faculty member and their classmates for the entirety of their first year.

We also teach a limited number of interdisciplinary courses that fulfill core and general education requirements for VCU students:

  • Food for Thought (UNIV 211)
  • The Truth About Lying (UNIV 213)
  • Finding Your Voice in Contemporary Society (UNIV 217)
  • Pseudoscience (UNIV 222)
  • What’s the Big Idea? (UNIV 299)

All of our courses are designed to cultivate curiosity and support academic success through a rigorous, process-oriented shared curriculum.  The faculty who teach these courses  are specialists in a range of disciplines who are dedicated to engaging students in big interdisciplinary questions before those students become advanced thinkers in their own fields.

Need an override?

If you are having trouble registering for UNIV 111, 112, 200, 211, 213, 217, 222, 250, 251, 299, 350, please send an email to from your VCU email and include your V#. We do not process overrides for any other courses. Please note: some sections of UNIV 200 are for specific student populations (Globe, ASPiRE, or LEAD) and only students in those programs may enroll in those sections.