David Pratt, Assistant Professor

Photo of David Pratt.

Harris Hall
Room 5115
1015 Floyd Avenue
Richmond, VA 23284
Box 842015


David Pratt joined the Department of Focused Inquiry in 2019. He teaches UNIV 111/112, and has recently taught film and American Studies courses at VCU, George Washington University, and William & Mary, where he earned his Ph.D. in American Studies in 2017. He earned a Master’s degree in Popular Culture from Bowling Green State University in 2008. His research interests include cultural history, twentieth-century literature, film, and media studies. His doctoral dissertation concerns alcohol and constructions of white masculinity in American detective fiction and film. Though originally from the Midwest, David has been in Virginia long enough now to forget how little pimento cheese there is everywhere else. The city of Richmond is his favorite text to teach.


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