Kirk Richardson, Associate Professor

staff_Kirk-Richardson-wpcf_150x200Harris Hall, Room 5144
1015 Floyd Avenue
Richmond, VA 23284
Box 842015
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Dr. Richardson investigates Richmond, Richmond Literature, and the stories we tell about ourselves. Dr. Richardson is interested in the way Richmond affects writing and is curious to see if this place has evolved a characteristic narrative. Dr. Richardson writes articles, essays, short stories, scripts, and books. Dr. Richardson speaks, presents, and performs around town; lately, he has been involved in making public, functional art. Dr. Richardson’s classes are premised on a very simple principle: you came to VCU to learn, not just to be taught. Class involves activity, projects, imagining, and engaging in community service. If you want to know more, ask.


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Harris Hall, 5th Floor
1015 Floyd Avenue
Box 842015
Richmond, Virginia 23284-2015

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