Peer-to-Peer Mentorship in FI


2014-2015 undergraduate TA’s on a bike tour of Richmond’s East End.

The Undergraduate Teaching Program (UNIV 250/251) provides successful Focused Inquiry students the opportunity to engage in experiential education and real world applications of their FI coursework through collaboration, mentorship, and reflection. UTAs work in the Focused Inquiry classroom, modeling successful student behavior and adding a crucial layer of support that helps both their students and their faculty mentors.

Upon completing a year of service in the UTA program, UTAs may apply to the Peer Leadership Seminar (UNIV 350). This application-only seminar offers its student a three-fold approach to leadership: they practice leadership through the mentorship they offer UTAs in the 250/251 sequence; they study leadership through the model of the Richmond Metro Region; finally, they meet regional leaders.

Guests during academic year 2015-16 have included:

  • Parker Agelasto, Richmond City Council (5th District)
  • Elizabeth Fraizer, Owner, Richmond Raiders
  • Jeff Bourne, Chair, Richmond School Board (3rd District)
  • Derek McDaniels, President, Nehemiah Community Development Corporation
  • Ana Edwards and Phil Wilayto, Defenders of Freedom, Justice, and Equality
  • Betsy Carr, Delegate, 69th District
  • Sarah Meier, Richmond Public Schools teacher
  • Luther Mitchell, returning citizen
  • Ben Campbell, author, Richmond’s Unhealed History
  • John Moeser, Senior Fellow, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement
  • Shonda Harris-Muhammad, Richmond School Board (6th District)
  • Nick Marfing, Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Altamira Film Co.
  • Chris Dovi, Co-Founder, CodeVA
  • Sara Conlon, Executive Director, Opportunity Alliance Re-entry of Richmond
  • Sarah Mullens, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Unbound RVA

Are you an FI student who is interested in serving as an undergraduate TA? Contact your faculty member today!