Paul J. Yoon, Assistant Professor

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Paul Yoon joined the Department of Focused Inquiry in 2013.  He currently teaches UNIV 200 and serves on the Faculty Evaluation Committee.  Dr. Yoon earned his Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from Columbia University in 2005 with a focus on Asian American music-making practices.  Since that time, he has established three separate Japanese taiko drumming ensembles, including Sora Taiko, which started on VCU campus in the 2014 Fall semester.  Working in conjunction with VCU’s Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Center, Dr. Yoon conducted research to determine the benefits of large-scale, gross motor motion from drumming on patients’ balance, dexterity, and sense of well-being.  Other research interests include popular music studies and diversity & inclusivity in the classroom.

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