Tara Burke, Assistant Professor

Photo of Tara Burke.

Harris Hall, Room 5160

1015 Floyd Avenue

Richmond, VA 23284

Box 842015


Tara Burke joined the department of Focused Inquiry in 2019 and currently teaches UNIV 111 and 112. She has taught first-year students since 2011, including writing and composition, American Literature, World Literature with a Post-Colonial lens on the 20th century, and many other writing and reading classes aimed toward engaging students’ critical minds through language. Her MFA is from Old Dominion University where her focus was on poetry, queer and feminist writing, and service learning. She has also taught creative writing for undergraduates, as well as in community settings. Her current interests focus on mental health and mindfulness studies, decolonizing classroom(s) and movement therapies, and integrating radical accessibility and body positive politics into the writing classroom. These, always, as they intersect with social justice and returning agency to young people, their bodies and minds together, and their desire to become creative thinkers with access to voice and power. She is also an editor, a creative coach, a yoga teacher, and a published poet.


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